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Nabil Hatoum, PhD, DABT President (773) 254-2700 x231 nhatoum@experimur.com
Bernadette Ryan, PhD, DABT Vice President,
General Manager of Research Operations
(773) 254-2700 x229 bryan@experimur.com
John P. Devine, DABT Assistant Vice President,
Study Director
(773) 254-2700 x228 jdevine@experimur.com
Bjorn A. Thorsrud, Ph.D. Assistant Vice President,
Director of Infant Nutritional Sciences,
Study Director
(773) 254-2700 x362 bthorsrud@experimur.com
Anne Doyle, PhD, DABT Manager, Toxicology,
Study Director
(773) 254-2700 x249 adoyle@experimur.com
Edward Mallett, BS Research Toxicologist,
Study Director
(773) 254-2700 x234 emallett@experimur.com
Supida Monaikul, PhD, DABT Research Toxicologist,
Study Director
(773) 254-2700 x379 smonaikul@experimur.com
Shankararao Navale, DVM, MS Director of Veterinary Services (773) 254-2700 x246 snavale@experimur.com
James L. Carter, DVM, PhD, DACVP Staff Pathologist (773) 254-2700 x637 jcarter@experimur.com
Farah Denahan Assistant Vice President,
Director of Business Development
(773) 254-2700 x232 fdenahan@experimur.com